Op Amp Based Mosfet Power Amplifier

Hello to all
iam looking for a op amp based mosfet power amplifier circuit that i can build for my Blues-rock fusion sound .Tube are cool but u have to replace them too much for my poor pockets. anyway if u look at it most of the great sound for guitar MR Hendrix,Ernie Isley .....etc may have used tube amplifiers ....but in front of the tube amplifier they used little solid state stomp boxes into a clean tube amplifier....what iam trying to say.....is u can get a good guitar tone using a tube pre amplifier in front of a solid state power amplifier....like a mosfet power amplifier if it has 250to300watts output . I know that is a little loud but most of your tone will come from the tube pre amplifier driving the mosfet power amplifier.Like i said i play a type of Blues-rock- jazz-fusion and all i want is to build a loud mosfet power amplifier using few parts a class a/b thing-op amp input mosfet power monster output so i can get on with my music. If anybody has circuit or schematic please let me know...because i know u can make music with a hybrid rig..................peace out there.........tube are great but there is amore effective way.