OP-AMP based balanced horisontal amp....

I saw some other op-amp biased fetamp so I thought I would post this one. No bias circuitry is drawn in the picture. Just the basic amp. As it is now it runs in class C. Not any sweetsounding but its just an idea.
Any thoughts or comments????


2001-02-04 4:23 am
Very much so except:

The variable bias scheme should not be tried with FETs.

The high voltage LF 353s were obtained by selection for ±20V. An OPA2604 sounds better and will work at ±24V without selection.

Bongiorno says the AD823 selected for ±20V use is even better.
Why should bias be tough?

Perhaps the following completes the picture:

This is a modifcation from a design in "Radio" August, 1984 issue, pages 35-37.

Don't ask about the sound, because I never got around building the first time I saw it and later I found Renardson's 7-transistor amplifier, which is technologically superior to DIY.