Onsemi ditching all great Sanyo chip amps .

I loved sound of LA4708 as it has pretty good warm sound and lovely high frequency performance . Moreover it can be used with single rail . Guess what ? LA4708 no more available in market and I can't build a good amp for my friend under ₹900 . Onsemi didn't market their products properly Sanyo has had excellent design in my opinion and their chips can be improved specially those STK hybrid ICS . I will love anyone from onsemi or Sanyo can reply (thought chances are thinner than air on Mars before Elon Musk do something crazy)
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The LA4708 was designed as;

Monolithic Linear IC 20W 2-channel BTL AF Power Amplifier for Car Stereo.
They are no longer used in power amplifiers for automotive employment. Class D has taken over.

That is why they are ceasing production.
There are many wholesalers with large stocks of them so I doubt it will become an issue for a few years.


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2015-12-16 2:00 pm
I see two types: LA4708 and LA4708N. I don't see anything above 1.5$ .


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