Online Box Parameter Calculators

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I am building a box design on line dashboard with various box calculators. It uses a web framework that is mobile friendly so it should run on tablets and smart phones. Please take a look and tell me what you think. There probably some calculation errors so feel free to to check my calculations and tell me if they are any errors.

I will be adding more features soon.
Thank you so much for looking and testing. I have seen that error before and thought I had it fixed.

Occupied volume here is the volume occupied by the magnet structure and back of the cone. Vd is calculated by the software itself using Xamx and Sd.

I should wind up the sealed calculations today. I'm also going to add a feature so the user can upload their parameters to their device and download it back later when they want to pick back up on their work.

I'm also writing a parameter scraper that will allow the user to go to a specific manufactures site, select their drivers from their site and will automatically import their data.
To simplify populating the parameter fields I added a data sheet importing tool on the parameters page. You need to download your data sheet of choice to your device and then click the browse button then select your data sheet. It will populate all of the fields with its information. It currently only works with Dayton Audio spec sheets that are in this form.

I will be adding other manufactures depending on demand.
I am going to add a wizard to produce a end result with box dimension and all parameters. Under the box tools menu you will be able to check what you design you want and it will be pretty much be turn key. I'm trying to build in flexibility of advance design and the simplicity of a box wizard that furnish the user with a complete design.

I ran the import wizard on my android and it worked nicely. I'm really shooting a cloud based application that will run multi platform.

I don't really want to add a driver database but give the user to navigate to their favorite driver manufactures site and just a spec sheet or web page and move their parameters into the software automatically.
I should have following done by end of the weekend.

Front Loaded Horn
Back Loaded Horn
Transmission Line

These will not include response plots at first but I will be adding them later.

I will also add EBP calculator and golden ratio calculator for box sides under box tools.

I am also going to convert text boxes with the box output data to data tables and also repair a small bug in the import wizard.

Please stay tuned and make your feature request known.
Many of your (required) parameters are redundant
only ~8 are required as the others can be calculated from them
Your occupied volume spec is rarely specified
Your parameters are in all sorts of different units
Your graphs use a linear frequency scale ;)
Color and font choice are dubious
piles and piles of typos
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.