Online beginner audio electronics courses?

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Hello all

I have a post (my first outside "introductions") over in the solid state forums where I have asked a question about improving sound from a headphone output on a standard integrated amp. Now ... I have been reading there and a lot elsewhere in these forums and being the son of an electrician some of it actually makes sense, however, some of even the basic terminology is beyond me. Being a bookish-type I do like to learn new things through reading/study. Thus, my question...

Can anyone suggest a worthwhile online course that would be good for beginner in audio electronics but who has postgrad qualifications in unrelated areas - what I mean is, I'm no slouch in the brains department and can handle a bit of math... even :D.

I could spend a lot of time down the rabbit hole on these forums but I need something that has a progression from simple (but not necessarily basic) up to a level where I could understand more of what I read here. Doesn't have to be free, just want to look at something on recommendation.

In my quick survey I have found this one
Introductory Analog Electronics Laboratory | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | MIT OpenCourseWare

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So try that program and see if it sits on you well. I have been training technicians for decades, and I was always looking for new basic books, because each author explains things in his own way. Not every way speaks to every student.

There are many online tutorials, look into as many as you find. Unless one is defective in some way, the electronics is all the same, just the presentation differs.

Being smart just means you have potential to absorb it faster. Having advanced degrees in microbiology, geomorphology, culinary science, or most any ology, is fine but doesn't get you past the basics you need to know. A lot of people want to skip the "magnets and lightbulbs" portion of the training. But those tell you how electricity actually works, and you will get through them in no time, but don't skip them.

Ohm's Law is the most fundamental thing we learn in my view. I make calculations with it every day.

Terminology? Electronics glossary should be easy to find, look up anything you don't know what is. Look for "how to read schematics" for other basics.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.