Onkyo DX710 skipping.

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I thought I would try one last place before I give up on this little guy.

I have a DX710 that skips. From what I've read (correct me if I'm wrong) my problems are either the lens is out of alignment, or the laser pickup is failing.

Is the pickup known to fail on Onkyo players or the DX710?

Does anyone have instructions for aligning the lens?

Any other ideals or tips, or should I just kiss this player goodbye?

Bought Philips CDV496 just for fun - it skips (CDM10, 16 years old). Putted grease on most responsible parts for some strange reason completely removes problem. Be shure to put oil on clamping disk also. But I'm completely shure that it is not the panacea for all aroud.
Properly adjusting most CD players takes some test equipment and the correct procedure. My experience is that skipping is often a mechanical problem. Somewhere there's a small burr on a gear rack, a sticky spot in the travel, or poorly routed wires from the carriage. The wires can also get stiff over the years, or can hang up on any rough spot. My old Kyocera suffered from this. Hopefully most players use a better thought out flex circuit, but you just have to move the carriage back and forth, looking for the slightest thing that prevent it from servoing properly. The lens will also servo on a faster time scale, but I've seen little problem with those- unless somebody messes with it, then all bets are off. Sure, the laser could be going, or any one of a number of things, but check mechanics first.
gvr4ever said:
What kind of grease?
I had found this.
I opened my case once, but I didn't think I had found (for sure) what he was describing on what needed to be adjusted, so I didn't touch anything yet.
If anyone can take a picture of what can be adjusted, that would help out maybe.

Found in the local e-market "Smar TF" (silicon + teflon) and so used it. I don't know what laser is in your DX710, if there's a rod on wich laser move then this one first and foremost.
As for adjustment so it's beter to have service manual.
I think I got it working again.

The top spindle part of the motor sounded like it was dragging. I put some graphite lube on that. Then it got better, but it still had a few issues. I put dielectic grease on the gears for the tray and the arm that the lens travels on.

The lens seemed to move up and down in eye blinking speeds, so I didn't touch that. I blew what looked like maybe a little dust around it and used 91% rubbing alcohol on the lens, cause it fogged up when I blew on it.

I don't think I'm just star struck as it finds tracks right away and doesn't pause when changing tracks. I skipped from the first track to the last and aside from waiting for the lens to move, I didn't have to wait for it to start playing, and so far, no skips. I've tried 3 so far.

Thanks for the help guys. This is by no means a audiophile player, but it still sounds great. I'd still say it's hi-fi for sure even tho it was built in 1993. I just wanted it and running cause it was the first player I ever bought. It also has some silly personal value to me as well.

I was/am using a older Toshiba DVD player as a CD player in my GYM, but the Onkyo had a better sound output for sure. I hope I can swap back to the Onkyo without any problems now.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.