Onkyo A-809 capacitor replacement


I have an Onkyo A-809 amplifier where one capacitor has leaked some electrolyte and a few other ones are bulging at the top. The caps in question are C909 - C916 on this diagram:

Onkyo A-809 Manual - Stereo Integrated Amplifier - HiFi Engine

Are these caps crucial to sound quality? I can't work out what function they are part of other than that they are part of the preamp circuitry.

I'm thinking of going for ELNA RFS SIMLIC II capacitors with the same uF and higher voltage on some. Are these any good for this replacement? They use silkfiber - is that just rubbish or does it have some merit?


2013-02-18 7:54 pm
Thanks for your answers!

ELNA SILMIC II ordered and hoping to do the work in the next few days.

Very useful to know that prefix 9 is power supply. I'm assuming the other prefixes like C1xx, C5xx, C6xx, C8xx also are part of a specific function? Does anyone have a link with info on this?

Many thanks