One, two, three, CAT!

Have you a cat?.. :)
My cat Atari, he is 15.5 years old. :)


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Here's a picture of Cookie when I first got her. She sure grew up fast. I'll try to get some more pics from my friend downloaded onto my computer.

My garden is growing in so fast. It's a good spring for green stuff. Anyway, there is a rectangle in the garden where nothing has grown in, not even weeds. This is where I buried Chloe a year ago. It makes me sad to see this bare spot. It's a metaphor for how I feel without her.

There's a picture of me holding her when she was small circulating here somewhere. Feel free to dredge it up and post it if you like but I can't bring myself to do it.


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A feral kitty has taken up residence in my warehouse to help with the rat problem.
The rats are gone, so I started having to feed her. And you know what it means when you start feeding a cat.


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My cat "Misty" is 11 years old and likes music. I adopted her when her former boss died (of high age). She was treated very bad by the former owner, and is very suspicious. But i managed to get her trust now (took months). She also hates other cats (and attacks them fiercly when they come to close), but likes dogs and is close friend with the Stafford Terrier of my neighbours. But outside me, there are not many people she trust...

This is very often her favorite spot (the other one is next to me in the couch..).

Except in the summer, then she prefer to stay outside all the time and chase anything that is smaller than her in my garden. And she is a good hunter that catches many mouses, shrews, moles and brown rats that are very common here on the countryside in Hainaut, Belgium. For birds she is a bit to slow luckely, but from time to time she can still catch one that was not catious. Hermelins and so are to fast and stay away from her. She also killed a fox last winter that was trying to attack the chickens of the neighbour.

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There will soon be kittens in your warehouse.

It is a myth that a well fed cat won't hunt. Many working cats eat well and visit the vet regularly.

If she's going to be a permanent resident, she should go to the vet. She can get all kinds of parasites and diseases from wild rodents. She could pass diseases on to you and if she gets rabies she's going to mess you up. Cats can run 30 miles an hour, jump up 6 feet, and they punch way above their weight in a fight.
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