One tower BT-speaker, 8xCE65W-8 and 2xTCP115.

Hi all, I'm new here and I need Your advise on my "one person speaker" budget build, I look at it as a large BT-speaker I can wheel around.
It's been 25 year's ago I build my last speaker and I hardly remember anything... :(:p

I want to build a tall "personal" speaker, about (in metric) H110xW15xD25cm where the 8 full range drivers is installed in two vertical rows, 4+4 (L+R) on the top front. The subs hidden in the box in a vented configuration.
All driven by the built in amp and tranny linked to below, no filters wse...
All 3 channels running at 8ohm or if you think I could run the sub in 4ohm, if that for any reason would be better...

I am trying to keep a tight budget and wonder if this configuration is fair, does it seem alright to you who are way more experienced?
Any comment/suggestion in the right direction is warmly welcome!
My English isn't what it use to be so sorry if I making things hard to understand.:wchair:

Full range: Buying a Dayton Audio CE65W-8 woofer? | SoundImports - SoundImports
Subwoofer Buying a Dayton Audio TCP115-4 woofer? | SoundImports - SoundImports
Amplifier:AIYIMA TPA3116 Subwoofer Amplifier Board 2.1 Channel High Power Bluetooth 4.2 Audio Amplifier Board DC12V 24V 2*50W+100W-in Amplifier from Consumer Electronics on AliExpress
Power: Mean Well Power Supply - 24V 6.5A - Switching Power Supply - LRS-150-24 - LRS-150-24

Grateful Cheers!:)
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