one-shot dual opamp suggestion


i have a Sony DVP-NS500V, a cheapo DVD player which i bought for its multichannel SACD capability. it's turned out to sound rather good, at least with SACD (cd sounds mediocre but tolerable) so i figure it's worth my while to replace the opamps in it. it uses a bunch of 4558 dual opamps in SOIC packages, so i need a surface mount replacement (can't socket it). any suggestions? keep in mind that the power supply on this thing is pretty pathetic so i need something that is tolerant of such factors... a simple solder-and-play replacement. nothing too fancy here. ideas? i'm thinking OP275, OPA2604, OPA2134, LM6172, AD746... any other duals in SOIC packages you could suggest? remember, crappy power supply... so no twitchy parts please. :p i know much has already been said about opamps but i can't afford to try more than one part here (i might destroy the delicate SMT solder pads), so i'm interested in hearing everyone's one-shot suggestions for my application. just reply with a simple vote for one part or another, don't need to explain why. :D