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One Lot of Black Gate Capacitors (FK's, PK's, NX's, N's)

Up for sale are a number of Black Gate capacitors. Except for one brand new PK, all of these are used pulls from various projects that I no longer have use for. Some of them are perfect except for short legs and leftover solder and there are some with blemishes on the label. Other than that, I do guarantee they will not be DOA.

The quantity and values are as follows:

1- 220uf/16V FK

2- 220uf/6.3V NX

2- 680uf/35V NX

2- 47uf/50V N

2- 0.47uf/50V PK

I would like to let these go as one lot, so the price is SOLD shipped to the CONUS. I prefer Paypal. PM me if you are interested.Thanks for looking!
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