onboad preamp for acoustic guitar


2005-09-05 2:05 pm
I want to build a simple onboard preamp for an acoustic bass. The input will come from two condenser microphones mounted in the body.

I need the preamp to have be able to adjust the balance the inputs from the microphones and have some level of tone control (graphic eq/parametric.)

I can do some basic soldering and can read some schematics.

Could someone point me in the right direction for some plans?

I can't give you any REALLY good advice, except --

1. Look for a design which can run single-source from 9V, or dual-source from +/- 9V. This will let you run from either one or two 9V batteries.

2. Don't think so much about balance, think about two amps with independant volume controls. If you can wire the output with a "stereo bass", using a .25" TRS jack, you can split to separate channels in your PA mixer or bass amp (assuming they support that) for some neat effects. The most useful effect, IMHO, would be bi-amping, one amp for each pickup.. After all, one pickup will be generating a lot more high-freq than the other.