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Back down under after a long holiday.

It's time to do something.
The plan is to do a little bit each day and report here with my progress.

It's your job to kick my butt if I get lazy with this.

Day 1
Fresh pcbs made up.

By end of today, the plan is to have at least one psu board stuffed and soldered up.

If I have more time after that I will start some measurements on new devices I have purchased.

Wiring Looms
Install tube inserts
Test Powersupply
Populate pcb
Test amp

Edit: Transformer Specs Added
Pri A: 0—120v (BLUE—GREY) 50/60Hz
Pri B: 0—120v (VIOLET-BROWN) 50/60Hz
----------- SCREEN ------- (GRN/YEL) -----------
Sec 1: 0—19v—25v (BLACK-WHITE-RED) rated at 10.0A rms.
Sec 2: 0—19v—25v (ORANGE-GREEN-YELLOW) rated at 10.0A rms.
---------- MUMETAL BAND ------------------------
Resin Filled Centre = M8 Hole / M8 x 130mm Bolt Supplied.
Total Rating: 500VA.
Secondary winding resistance: 50mOhms each.

Here are the pcbs


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I know :clown:

and I like to keep secret schmtcs still secret

Yeah me too. I certainly won't be publishing anything that is meant to be secret.
In fact I don't know what the original schematics are in most cases, I don't like copying verbatim, I prefer doing my own thing based on a general design idea (Thanks to Papa for the endless ideas).

Where you may see clone, is really not an accurate description.
On this circuit there almost is no such thing since the circuit values will be highly dependent on Vgs threshold and transconductance values of the mosfets, Idss values of jfets, etc etc.
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@2 picoDumbs,

After your 21st November 2018 post the next one was on 4th November 2019. What happened during that time? Were you in prison? Loony bin? Spiritual retreat? Undercover assignment? Sex-change surgery? Kidnapped and your family told your captors they could keep you?


Good to have you back! :)
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I didn’t realize measuring capacitors for use in a power supply was a thing.

I measure every component.
My first job was working as an Industrial Chemist, formulating and developing products for industrial purposes.
Every single component/ingredient was measured and characterised to ensure it conformed to the suppliers data sheet, before it was used with all other components to make a product.

My work these days is even more OCD than that.
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