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Omron G6H-2 12VDC relays

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..formerly Omron relays...

Relays for DCB1

These are designated for use in the DCB1 board layout designed by crt after the wonderful contributions by Salas, based on the design by Nelson Pass.

Thank You All from each of us.

For newcomers to the thread, current prices had not changed since post 135.

With the latest sourcing of relays (the NEC version) I have had to raise the prices on them. They are:

$2.25 for relays, per each
$6.50 for led sets, (Vf: 2 x 3 & 2 x 5, +1 board level power indicator)
$13 for a matched quad of 2SK170BL and 6 random, 10 total.
$2.85 for US shipping; $4.75 for all others.
I add paypal fees
You may request a quote through this thread or via pm.

All parts listed are in stock; date for restocking of relays: 05/12/12

Other useful information may be found in posts 34 & 93

I had been sourcing the Omron G6H-2 12VDC relay from an overseas location.

The interest in them had been sufficient for the large purchases necessary to offset shipping and offer them at a reasonable cost. I see the interest declining. I must change what I offer.

The NEC #EA2-12NJ relay reflects the increase in price (05/12/12). It is referenced in the threads as a suitable alternate for the Omron.

The Mesmerize board uses up to 7 relays.

The Hypnotize board uses 1.
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We are past the threshold of 100 pieces. We will do this.

Participants are asked to forward their mailing address to me via pm.

I have begun my tracking log.

I'm willing to ship overseas.

I will confirm shipping costs outside of North America and notify you of the amount. When you have this info you will be expected to advise me whether you are in or not.

Aud1out, Who has mail? I didn't receive a message from you.

Enjoy the rest of your day...
World 1st class postage

aud1out, I recieved your pm. You are on the list. I'll check my other boxes for your message.

stoolpigeon, Thror, gugliemope and many of your neighbors:

Cost is $4.75 for first class mail.
The same 25 piece threshold is in play for the flat rate.

These devices are so light there will not be a significant up charge for larger orders. I had to establish some control to avoid losing my shirt. I've checked...we're OK. You don't want to see me without a shirt on, do you? :D

So, If you want more than 25 pieces, say so. I don't want your shirt either...

There are places in the world where shipping is more expensive and/or risky. Thankfully, I have not had the experience of having traded there. I reserve the right to revise the quoted shipping costs for those "special" places.

I'll develop the spreadsheet further. I'll post the list of those interested & send invoices Sunday evening by PM or e-mail if you have provided them.

I ask you to respond after that with a confirmation of your interest.

Payment is not expected until I tell you I have the devices in hand.

Paypal is preferred. Other means of payment accepted. Shipment after it clears.
Other items

I have a stock of red led's that I can provide matched strings from.

I have a stock of 2SK170BL's that I can provide matched and unmatched from.

State your interest.

Someone asked, so for all: Packaging of the G6H-2 relays will be in the anti-static protective sleeve from the manufacturer. That sleeve will be cut-to-length, tape-sealed on the ends and enclosed in a ~5" x 8" bubble padded mailer.

This offering is for the standard version...NOT the "100 series". These are rated out to 1,000,000 cycles...while I don't think I'll see 10,000..:rolleyes:
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.