Omitting "emitter" resistors in power stage

I'm building on a power amp.

It will use a CFP, and I'm thnking on omitting the usual "emitter" resistors (0.1 ohm) (here it's actially collector resistors.

Thay are quite bulky, will generate distortion.

Guess they will help stabilise bais curent (and make it easier to ajust ... measure voltage drop over these resistors)
They will also limit the current somewhat and might also act as fuses in a fault situaion.

Any thoughts?
Anyone tried this?
Any comments to sound or measurements?

Seems that the AKSA amps do not use these!

Kind regards Baldin

PS. A Merry Christmas to all :santa2:
Greg is correct.

I do not use the CFP configuration in any of my amps.

I do however use 0R47 output emitter resistors.

The higher this resistor, the more stable the bias, and the lower the quiescent current for a given crossover disjunction.

By all means try the CFP. Very elegant, but very tetchy, and can be difficult to prevent oscillation in Class AB.

The double emitter follower is an excellent start point.