Olivier yabanjin from France

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I like diy and electronic and study many new things.
I have some high end sounds system with Vecteur Dynaudio Marantz Thorens grado rega Lynn musical fidelity.
I upgrade continually a high power systems with cheap second hand for party time.
2x850w rms 8ohms. Sertec Paevey jbl Electrovoice EAW. ( I am working on this two ways filter for control 18 sub 80hz and 15 sub 200 300hz maybe.... Still testing)

I build actually a PP ECL86
And I try a class A 1977 20w from nelson pass. If someone can help me for the power transformer im happy. I don't understand well all in the schematic and the BOM the transformer is not the right for delivery the 14 volts.....

Nice to come in this forum.
In France Audiyofan I guess you need to be rich or intellectual or i don't know what that they accept you.....

Enjoy the music enjoy diy and enjoy learn more all days.
Just some fun pictures ;-)


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Yes !
Im lucky my audio shop is huge in my region they have 5 floors and have lots of small to huge system. If you don't find what you search you certainly never find....
I selected all my components after trying many.
My system is made of meridian 568 stereo amp vecteur i3 i4 i6 with 3 pairs of Dynaudio audience se. I use 2x13 meters syltech London for the two rear speakers and all signals câble are handmade with realcable good components.
Amplifier are modified for bypass the preamp stage allowing direct control from DTS meridian preamp.
Give me good pleasure but that's beginner choice.
French saler want sale and get your money........
Home theater need huge cost for be fantastic and little bit for be descent.
Today I think with the same money I spend I did better to buy 100w class A mono blocks Pass and Dynaudio C2. All is really neutral and you can put all high end source you want the speakers and the amplifier are never wrong.

Let's try diy !
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.