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Old Yamaha audio spare parts (new)

I have a box of what looks like hundreds of circuits parts--for lack of a better term. I see a lot of Yamaha and sylvania brands. Most are labeled in money envelopes with part numbers. Some examples are Yamaha pre driver ig 02940, ig001020, ig990030, Sylvania ecg720, ecg7474. Not sure what they are or if there is any value. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated


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Paid Member
2007-09-15 8:14 am
The bits in your pictures are transistors. Hard to put a figure on them... you would have to research the device numbers and see if there were any valuable ones in there such as 2SKxxx and 2SJxxx devices which could be old FET types that folk pay good money for.

The 2SA, 2SB, 2SC and 2SD types are mostly run of the mill devices.