Old Vifa xt300


2006-09-06 1:01 pm
Apart from the alu front, I dont think there is a difference between the XT300 and a standard XT25TG model, but I could be wrong I have never seen the XT300 from the back.

By the way I only thought the XT300 was available in Germany, specially made for the german Vifa distributor.


2008-01-18 6:39 am
Thanks Hyldal for the quick reply.

I did read on 'http://www.essentialaudio.com.au/index1.html' the following regarding the DX25TG05-04 :

A highly functional crossbreed of the MG & XT tweeter technologies. Extended high frequency response and good off-axis performance are achieved by using a specially treated lightweight diaphragm that utilises an oversized surround structure. A critically damped rear chamber and extra-strong 5-hole faceplate round out the attributes. Clarity, efficiency and extended frequency response up to 40KHz.

This will be the tweeter i'll use as a replacement.