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Old Velodyne looking for a good home in the Louisville area

Here's the deal...I have 1 Velodyne ct150 that is probably 12 years old that has served well but that I no longer need. Its a 15" vented, 300w with servo control built in. Not a bad sub back then. This was my first real home theater sub I bought with savings when I was 18. Circuit city lay-away even. Cost me about $800 back in the day. Anyway this sub is old and is pretty beat up on the outside. It is simply not worth it to ship it anywhere. I'm not looking to get much out of it. I figured it's worth maybe $150. I'm looking for someone relatively local, perhaps who can't afford to get a good home sub at this time financially, but would enjoy having one enough to forgive some old battle wounds to the exterior. Maybe a college student. I'd be willing to drive an hour or so one way and meet someone if they are interested. The sub still functions 9/10 and I just did an outdoor test on it which it passed with flying colors. The exterior is probably a 3 or 4/10. It has numerous scratches, scrapes,grill discoloration and there is one large dent in the top edge where a large ceramic statue of a lion fell on it.( Don't ask.) But it still sounds like it did the day it was bought and is a lot of performance for $150 if you can forgive the beat up exterior. I will put some pictures up when I have a chance tonight.