Old Speaker question


2007-12-15 6:46 pm
Hey everyone,

I have some old Utah speakers from the 70's that I got at a garage sale for a song, and I've been listening on them for a few months and I like how they sound.

I wanted to replace the 12" woofers they have, as they pops a bit at high volumes. Whats a good driver at a good price?

Also, how could I improve the overall sound of the speaker?

Rebuild the crossover? if so, how?



2007-10-29 1:40 pm
Howzit going?

I am not familiar with Utah speakers, but:

>It may be that the speaker surround (the flexible material all around the edge of the cone) has become stiff, limiting the range of cone movement. I was going to replace drivers on some flea-market Advent bookshelf speakers when I learned about surround rebuild kits at Partsexpress.com. It's a fun and not-difficult little task to replace surrounds, and worked perfectly.

The crossover was designed for the particular drivers in the speaker. You didn't say if it's a 2-way or 3-way. If a person changes drivers, there is software available to design crossovers. I am not the guy, but plenty of people do this. Partsexpress has soft'we, too...

I would tend to accept whatever limitations of your 70's speakers, and enjoy them as is (except for the 12" issue).

Happy Holidays!