Old Soul

Oh snap, plenty to come! Will this be a summer amp as well?



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2017-09-10 6:33 pm
Twitchie, since you kissed me awake, here's what my old fingers came up with that good old Soul...

Just by looking at it it seems clear to me that I must improve the spacing—turn the Cap-Bank 90° (space is just snuggly ok), shorten bottom-plate and rewire the beast. (Ah, and I intend to insert a sort of handle to the psi, to be able to one-handedly lift it out of the chassis)

Since I must remove the boards to replace a faulty part, I will take the opportunity and turn the Beguns 180° (and add the forgotten heatshrink-tubes), so that the wires are parallel from board to beast... :Popworm:

@ZenMod: 🚙 :rofl:


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2017-09-10 6:33 pm
Just a word of caution:
the second-greenhornyest greenhorn or so!
Ok, so after what, 6 weeks, I got back in screw(-around)-mode, and dismantled my Old Soul to get the weaknesses and mistakes out.
Guess what: The cap-bank was still under load, causing a frightening zap-sparkle! Aah, I sometimes hate to be such a ... greenhorn.

Q 1: do the caps suffer when they're not getting drained for so long? (not speaking of shorting them, mind you)
Q2: Since they're off-board and not connected to anything anymore, how should I drain them?


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2004-07-12 5:08 am
Haven't had much time to play lately but getting another look at Old Soul - I didn't order parts kit so I ordered my own parts. Does the grade for the optocoupler OK101 and OK102 (PC817C) make a difference? I notice now there are B, C and D grades/bins with different transfer ratio (Max) as well as forward DC current differences (10mA for B, 50mA for C&D). I checked my DK order and I have B&D grade parts, no C. On the channel I have working, it's fine at 1W but just past 2W, it starts to distort rapidly. Please note this is the working channel. I haven't checked the channel that doesn't bias yet.