Old school Soundstream Tarantula

Not sure of the model number .

I got this amp in for repair and when I try to increase the input voltage
(Turn the volume up on head unit ) the amp will protect on me and as soon as I lower the volume on head unit it will power back up .

Does this sound like a problem in the preamp section ?

Or wondering where I should start checking


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I found an LM34DZ which appears to be a temperature sensor

Leg 1 is the +5 volts
Leg 2 is the output
Leg 3 is the ground

According to the data sheet I found

Here are the measurements I get

Leg 1 to Leg 2: 30.0 ohms
Leg 1 to leg 3: 16.1 ohms
Leg 2 to leg 3: 16.4 ohms

Does this appear to be defective or is it suppose to measure like this ?
Heating or cooling it makes no change at all .

I will go through the rest of the amp and see if I find anything else bad .

After going through the amp I will order a new one and take readings off it .

I think the amp is stuck in protection now since it’s not producing rail or regulated voltages