Old School power supply rebuilt.

Good day guys, this power supply uses K1420 with 47ohms gate resistors, I can’t get those in my area to replace the bad ones. What other mosfet is suitable with this arrangement that I could just drop in, need for a more superior mosfet is also endorsed.
It’s exactly how you said it Sir Babin, I had a clear memory of that arrangement as I was on that specific area extensively while repairing the amp, infact my FETs on the thermal sensor side was becoming heated gradually too fast, when I checked, the zener diodes (39v) was leaking on both side of amp, I’ve replaced them then all FETs was cooled.
It took me…
6 3205 replaced K1420 all failed
2 A733 replaced A1266 one failed
6 47ohms half watt resistor five failed
2 1N4754A (39v zen) both failed
5 major capacitor (input smoothing & rail out)
….and of course ever-sharing knowledge from Sir Babin and the rest of the team.
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