Old School Clarion 73EQ


2007-09-26 1:29 pm
Hey guys...A guy from my work who knows a lot about car audio as well, suggested (I think some of you around here did as well) maybe I should try and use a EQ to try and boost the frequencies I want to hear and down the ones I don't and maybe that will help clear up my sound and get it through to the cabin better. Well, I have a old school 7 band EQ from Clarion, model: 73EQ, and I was wondering what sliders on it are for bass and treble frequencies. I don't really have any clue and never did back in the day when I used it either...I just kind of moved them up and down. Anyways...Was just wondering...Here are the 7 frequency bands from top, left to right:

30hz, 120hz, 200hz, 400hz, 1khz, 3khz, 14khz

Freq: 120, 80, 50

Subwoofer and fader controls

I'm guessing the khz bands are for the treble and the hz are for the bass?
Well, actually an equalizer provides center frequencies for the audio adjustments you'll make, centered at those frequencies. A fancier EQ or DSP will have more center frequencies (allows more controls), and hence...more audio tailoring capabilities.

But 7 bands is a good start for a simple system/first time learning experience.

The "Hz" notation is just the frequency quantity, where Hz = Hertz = cycles per second. "KHz" = kiloHertz = units of 1,000 Hz.

For example, a pure 80Hz sound wave occurs 80 times per second, 10KHz is 10,000 Hz (treble, higher frequency sound).

Midrange is kind of say 200Hz - 6, 7, or 8kHz.

The 120, 80, etc...sound like a selectable subwoofer crossover adjustment.

Really, an old EQ like that was OK but not fantastic. I think I once had that model, when starting out.

If you want "high-end" sound, you need to step up to a better brand (more $) like AudioControl or etc. But if your tastes are mid-level (or just want to learn more) give it a shot.

PS: You need to be prepared to deal with ground loop noise ("alternator whine") in your installation! That was always a problem with installing an EQ in the average system.

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