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I want to give an old pioneer sa-610 a modern class D amp.
I opened it, and it basically looks like one big mess, because Im not used to projects like this.
So I went and found a service manual but am still confused.
I am attaching the print screen of the area in question and asking any of you nice experts to indicate the last point before the original power stage. The point where the cheap Chinese amp board comes. :)


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I'm going to have to agree with @RSavas on this one.

This one is a real bag of snakes...
The amplifier is essentially a single circuit board. Electronically severing the pre-amp and power amp sections might be possible, but making room for the new power amplifier probably isn't. Cutting the board is not an option because it's likely circuit traces for the pre-amp and power supply crisscross the entire area of the board.

About the best you could do, would be to build an external class D power amp, add a set of preamp-out jacks on the back and hook it up that way. But even then, given the way the preamp and internal power amp are so closely connected, I wouldn't hold much hope of success.

My best suggestion would be to tear down the amplifier, re-cap the power supply and do a really thorough checkup on the main board, inspect the solder work, check for caps out of spec, clean the pots and switches, and so on ... then enjoy it as it is.

Some of those older amps are highly coveted for their excellent sound quality... trying to "update" it might amount to sabotage.
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Trying to see this from both sides...
I "refurb'd" a SA-510 and was surprised how good it sounded, excellent for background
music giving the main system a break. Consider looking at the SA-610 and get it working
as it should, do some square wave testing,,,

If you are using the SA-610 to "learn" then I fully support that. What's the worst that
can happen? You waste a lot of time/money? You kill a SA-610? We are not talking
about one of the "SPEC" amps
Okay, so I see the general sentiment regarding this amp.
The story is, that I found this one near a dumpster, and it has a near perfect face plate with no scratches or anything, and it works.
I hooked it up and didn't like the sound at all. I like my music sounding "clinical" and class D gives me that.
So I tried to sell it, but there was no interest, even though there are quite a few on German Ebay for pretty nice prices.

Now I would like to tailor it to my needs, but if it is so hard, I might just throw it right back in the bin. :p
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