Old pair of Infinity RS 2.5s

Hello all, so here is my latest project. I bought a set of fairly tired RS 2.5 speakers which needed some restoration work. I changed out the midrange caps since the originals had drifted almost 40% (worst one). In the course of researching these speakers I found the schematics of the attached crossover but also information on the optiional crossover/equalizer. As I was always led to believe the advantage of a fully active crossover is the elimination of passive components (that provided the appropriate crossover point) in the path from the amplifier to the driver. In the case of the Infinitys (1st order slopes) I see they have a 120uF cap in series with the mid drivers for normal operation of the on board crossover. One would assume that this cap (and inductor) would be removed from the circuit when biamping. As implemented, when the switch on the speaker is set for biamping it parallels an additional 50uf. I have attached schematics below. My intent is to use Mr Passes crossover kit to create a similarly functioning device. (less the HF EQ)I am wondering about shorting these input caps and disconnecting the inductor just using the Pass crossover. From a practical standpoit I wonder if the caps are in circuit when used in the biamp mode to prevent low frequencies damaging the EMIM drivers. Any thoughts? Thanks!


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