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After years of indexed new versions found myself bored , dissapointed and bewildered by the iPhone-itunes audio experience I dug out my old iRiver ihp-140 and gave it an new audition.

Short story is now the iPhone is off most of the time , used only for shopping, forums and checking email.

I use Alesrando Sr80-81 , Beat and Shure phones-buds.

Thinking about putting SuSe linux back on laptop too.
V10.1 was the best and i still have the install dvd.

Lame was the absolute best encoder ever! Turn off psy and do 320kbit pure heaven.
All my 50K+ mp3's are LAME 320K.

I never used any apple mobile junk. Just 35$ Chinese mp3 players and android
phones. Load from the big collection.

I never had to have any sort of online service for my music - I already have
everything. :D


do you stream your PC library over WiFi yet?
I been using a ROKU stick to a 1080p monitor or TV via HDMI and optical out to a cheap $10 DAC to my audio system. Then installed 'PLEX' app (free version) works well as a movie& music server (plays every file i've thrown at it). seamless b/c both ROKU and Plex is fully supported /updated regularly then use any PC/Mac as a local server, get the paid version and stream to any IP device anywhere anytime. Total cost not including HDMI monitor is about 40-50 bucks, the included WiFi remote is very nice. https://www.google.com/search?q=ple...QIGw#tbm=isch&q=plex+music+server+screenshots
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i only have 17k 320 but itunes had ruined about 3k doing "gapless strip" .
Itunes at one time allowed gapless disable.
So all my classical and hosed. I have all the CDs . no downloads.

Mostly box lots from craigslist and garage sales. A few lots on ebay.

for a while the DJs were selling all the EDM too. i got some sweet lots there.

But going to have to re-rip with lame.
Yes , winamp- foobar. But my wi-fi is fast enough for a full file buffer
on either. I set the buffer to 12MB. So , a huge song (like Rush 2112) will
still stream.
It works well with 8 clients on the router.
Edit - winamp or WMP will fully stream any A/V (divx , mkv , mpg)

huh this means yet another 120W PC with win OS as the client?
or Linux on a 2Watt compute stick
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