Old Dog/New Tricks

Greetings: I've been in this hobby for decades, and apart from a few Dyna-kits back in the day, and the usual sort of tweaks that one does as you learn more about reproduced sound- from decoupling, to tube rolling, to acoustic treatment (my latest adventure involved soundproofing the room where my air compressor runs for the tonearm), I've come to the conclusion that some of the great gear and sound comes from the industrial/hobbyist side. For example, I've been a horn listener for the last dozen years, with SET amplification, and at a certain point, the cost, size and quality of a full-on horn system may lead me into a semi-custom build. (My skill set is pretty low, but I can get help where I need it, and don't plan on making my own drivers). Ditto, on record cleaning, where I've been experimenting for several years using commercially available products such as the Audio Desk and KL ultrasonics, in combination with point nozzle cleaning- not necessarily because of budget, but because I am looking for the most effective results and have concluded that may also involve gear that is not strictly "off the shelf."
I'm a longtime vinyl enthusiast with a large record collection, and now, having retired from the law, have enough time to dig down and explore- listening, comparing pressings, and spending time researching the history of the art and science of this wonderful endeavor of home music reproduction. I do write, but don't review gear, as such and my focus is largely on older vinyl records and music history as well as practical stuff for cleaning and collecting. (No $ on this front- it actually costs me money to do this). I may know some of you and look forward to contributing where I can.
bill hart
Hello Bill, thanks for joining us.

I try, but they keep asking me to uphold it. How did you manage to retire from it? :)

Funny. I'm not wealthy, but decided that, to live life fully, I can't just be in harness 'till I drop. I'm busier than ever, but on stuff that makes me happy. And, I'm learning--sort of that almost childlike fascination of "why does this do that" -something we seem to lose as we work to live, or live to work--I now get why people are fascinated with making things, tools, and the art of making something well. Meanwhile, I had to relearn how to use a hammer. But, I'm having a ball.