Old Cresendo - What is it worth


I have been offered to buy an old Crescendo amplifier. It is one of the many projects that has been started but never finished. It is fully mounted with components and heat sink, it needs a power supply and a case to be finished. It is the “original” Crescendo, not the millennium edition. It was build in the mid 80’s so the cap’s probably needs to be replaced.

What would some thing like this be worth? I am thinking of offering around 90 $ for it, is that to low to high or a fair prize?


2003-02-11 9:02 am
It has 4 pairs of the original Hitachi mosfet. I bought mine $40 a pair. I think even now it worth at least $25 a pair (New Old Stock). You can compare with the best latfet available today, because ime the original Hitachi sounded better than newer ones.

I think there is no lowest price, but the highest price you are willing to pay for it (compare to your willingness to buy new modern latfet). $60-$100 I guess.

Ian Finch

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2010-04-11 4:22 am
Coffs Harbour, NSW
It's worth the used price of power transistors and heatsink, IMHO. If you place a particular value on the PCB, add that too.
The rest is inconsequential if it is only the electronics and heatsink. If you add these, your estimate could be fair -depending,
of course, on the local value (if any) for old assemblies and in what currency you are quoting. Is that US$, AU$, NZ$ or ??

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Thanks for all the answers!

I offered 90$ (US) i got the amp's. I am aware that the old crescendo have some issues, and i look forward to looking in to finding a solution for them.

I will look into converting them as Samuel Jayaraj suggested.

If anyone have experience with these amp's i would be gradefull for your input. Since i am quite new and unexpierenced in diy audio.