Okto Dac8 Stereo with Raspberry Pi - power state

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I rarely post, but my search-fu has not been able to find an answer to my question. If I install my Raspberry Pi running Moode Audio in my Okto Dac8 Stereo as a streamer, does it remain powered even if the the DAC is turned off, or do I have to shut down the Pi prior to shutting down the DAC?

Thanks for any input/response.
You want to put an RPi inside the case of an Okto Dac8, is that correct?
Yes. It's a "factory option," but they currently do not offer it as an option due to supply problems - but you can install one yourself any time. I already have a Pi4 that I don't use otherwise, and plan to run Moode on it.

So the question (for me) is if the power supply scheme is such that the Pi is constantly powered, or if the power to the Pi is shut off when the Okto is shut off. If the Pi is powered down when the Okto is shut off, I would have to shut the Pi down manually prior to shutting down the Okto every time to prevent corruption of the SD card.
Just posting this for reference in case it comes up in anyone's search. Pavel was finally able to respond to my email (underline is my edit):

the Raspberry Pi is powered constantly, so the unit remains accessible on the network and can be turned on automatically when it detects signal. As far as I know, audio streaming distributions only use the SD card while booting and then run from RAM. Therefore, I don't think there is a risk of data corruption apart from the first minute or two after plugging the unit in (while the Raspberry boots).

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Pavel Krasensky
founder & hw developer

(I responded with information regarding potential card corruption if power is cut when the Pi is performing a write function).
I have not used Moode as yet. I will be using it when I receive my Okto (it's in transit).

I have been using JRiver on Windows, and wanted to try the Pi internal to the Okto since I had one laying around (Pi4). I was previously using it to dabble with IanCanada's i2s boards for a few months but set it aside. I do have the Master License for JRiver which allows me to use JRiver on all formats, but since it would be internal to the Okto without HDMI OUT (as set up), JRiver is a little more inconvenient headless (though not impossible), so I wanted to try Moode since it's free anyway and I will only be running it as a renderer through Bubble.

I did not post the entire message, but he was not writing of overlay functions of the Pi. What he is referring to is with Volumio, the interface allows you to shut down the Pi manually when operating headless. I replied that it is the same with Moode, which is designed to operate headless and also has an interface accessible through ip and can be shut down manually.