OK read the tutorial still need some help...

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OK I have a few pairs of dMar-kens and need some support from 35-80hz. Now I have a dozen or so Silverflute 5.5" midbass so I decided to model a tapped horn in Hornresp with the tutorials guidance but I still can't get any good results and I don't know where I'm going wrong. Essentially I want to use 2 drivers in parallel per horn and my only criteria is it stays somewhat small and has usable output in pairs from 35/40-80/100hz. Size must fold into something no taller than 26" high 20-24'' deep and 9 3/4" wide. Any help would be great as right now I can get lots of output in the region I'm looking at but excursion at fb is a concern. Any suggestion on how to model a cabinet with dual drivers please help a brother out, Thanks in advance.

Silver Flute 5-1/2"
Wool Cone
Cast Frame
25mm VC Ø
Vented Pole Piece
Rubber Surround
F3 of 55Hz in 0.35 ft3 ported enclosure

Re 7.3 Ohms
Sensitivity 87.5 dB
Power 60 watts
Fs 43.5 Hz
Qms 3.27
Qes 0.39
Qts 0.35
Vas 18.9 Ltrs
Mms 7.58 g
Cms 1760.5 mM/N
Sd 0.0087 M2
BL 6.24 TM
X-max 3.5 mm
Le @ 1kHz 0.77 mH
Frame Ø 142 mm
Cutout Ø 122 mm
Depth 67 mm
Krm 0.876 mW
Kxm 11.549 mH
Erm 0.882
Exm 0.691
Box Rec.: 10 ltrs, 1.5" Ø V x 4.25" L
I see your point about the Xmax.
The two boxes shown below both reach Xmax with about 5.65V RMS input - about equal to 4W into 8 ohms or 8W into 4 ohms.

OTOH I'd be happy with that as there's plenty of output. I rather like the idea of a sub that can shake the house with half a flea-power. When idiot acquaintances breathlessly ask "How many watts is it?!", the model answer would be "Oh, about one I suppose. It can go all the way up to five though".


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Thanks Godfrey, you pretty much modeled what I already have but it tells me I wasn't too far off. Now to fiddle around a bit and get what I want or as close to it as I can. Seems I can fold 10-12' of line into a box 26" tall by 10" wide by 24" deep, the folds being the hard part but with that length things start to smooth out a tad.... I have to Remember I'm not really looking for a Subwoofer, more good output for re-enforcement of the stated area where the dMar-Kens start to fall short with that being said I'm not expecting miracles from two 5.5" bass units either.
Can anyone help me do a double fold on the larger horn Godfrey modeled, I'm having a hard time grasping how to take a 9' line and fold it so it's no taller than 26". If I can fold it twice each line section will be 66cm long excluding material thickness. I'd ideally like to keep this cabinet in the 11 X 27 X 24" range if that helps at all, any guidance is appreciated... Take care.
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