OHP problem

Hi, I have a setupo with Sharp panel and OHP. I used it with the original Halogen bulb in the OHP and after it blew up I changed ii and installed a MH 400W bulb(realy big one). And the problem came. Before I had a beautiful image(a bit redish) and now I have totaly dim picture, unable to focus. I think that the problem is in the position of the bulb(refelctor is OK), because too much light pases to the ceiling(before it was only a little).


PS: Sorry my english.

if your image was 'beautiful' before, why not just buy a direct replacement for the bulb that was supposed to be there? the MH bulbs seem to be the best bet for DIY, but not ideal; and you have to realize that an OHP is a fairly ingenious device, and it is designed to work within specific parameters. if you change one component, you're throwing everything else out of whack.
P.S.--to you geeks out there--i've worded this simply because it is a simple question. please don't pick me apart because i didn't include any technical info or equations.

The essence of genius is simplicity! Many of the flames I triggered in the other thread were due to my not being able ro express a simple concept in plain terms.

Being able to help, and doing so, is far more valuable to these forums, and life in general, than demonstrating how good you are with formulae!


I don't know if you saw this, but I posted a previous response of my own here:



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