If the drivers are OEM for this design they may be so closely matched as to only require a minimal crossover. I once built a 3-way XO that has only 5 components. The parts could also be separated in various areas of the "cabinet". It's an intriguing design; pod tweeter, spherical mid and omni-woofer. Obviously a great deal of the purchase price is going to be swallowed up in the enclosure production.


2005-01-28 9:46 pm
It is intriguing isn't it. I do find them sort of ugly but it was the combination of non-traditional design elements that really interested me.

The spheres were dipoles on the one I saw and one of the models has the woofers in an isobaric load. On top of that, I don't think they're more than about 30" high. The enclosure for the woofer is tiny. And the whole thing is metal. That's a lot of strange obstacles to overcome in one speaker.

That's why I was wondering if anyone has heard these things and if I should waste my time listening.