Official LYNX Power Amp builder’s thread

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I would like to point out that my time is limited and that I have NO possibility nor intend to answer questions like “How will the LYNX Amp sound with xx transistors in the VAS” or “Can I use xx Opamp instead?”

Basic information can be found in LYNX Amp “Quick Assembly Guide” here LYNX v3.0 Quick Assembly Guide and I’ll notify you all here each time I up update it.
The Guide contains basic circuit description, BOM (Bill Of Material) and explanations how you calculate some of the resistor values etc.

Please remember that this is a DIY project.

Happy building.

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Hopefully relevant questions

Picture of board clearly shows 6 x 2watt resistors

So which of 122-125 should be 2watt ?

Another thing

I want to use quality resistors and have trouble finding some of the values
R115 should be 210ohm...will it be ok to use either 200ohm or 220ohm

I take it that 0.5watt instead of 0.6watt will be ok
sorry for my BAD english!

I can't find BAV21 in my town, so can I subtituse this component? like what?

I will use KSP42 and KSP92 for subtituse the MPSA42 and 92. is that OK?

For coil output, can you more familiar. Like what diameters of copper wire and how much winding?
sorry I newbie about amplifier!

I will use +/-32V 500VA, so how much the power ouput?

I will make my own PCB, so I can match all the parts.

Hi Jan

I agree with Donovan, that your assembly guide is very professional and should be a great help to a lot of builders of your amp.

Does anyone have an opinion on the OPA627 versus the OPA134 for U101. From what I have read the 627 has great reviews but is expensive. The AD8065 has received good press but I think it is only available in SMD package. Anyone else can nominate a good op amp here.

Once again, thanks Jan for your work on this.


My feeling is that the OPA134 should be fine in this application.
Both amps have fet -input stage.

Both have THD numbers that are far below what the output stage and voltage amplifier has in this schematic.

Put it simple: I would not waste money on OPA627 in this circuit, but put them otherwhere.

I would rather put some effort in sourcing even more linear output and driver transistors, fex Sanken.

Not that MJL2119X is bad.

However doing so be ware of SOA. MJL2119X is a very rugged and large SOA

Onsemi has a few with VCE of 350V, their SOA is so large that it is almost thermal dissipation that limits in this amplifier.
Also, bevare that these transistors have a much higher Ft than MJL2119X, but as Jans layout looks very nice I dont think this should be a problem.
Lynx version 2

Hello every one,
I build Lynx version 2 based PCB used and toshiba TR and found problem caused by a different pin style with MPSA 42 and MPSA92 and I ask Jan for help after 5 email I and Jan finally solve the problem after that I found another problem this amp drive my 18 inch sub speaker so loud and clear to made my neighbour complain because its made their window shattering he he he this problem definetely cant solve by Jan, but if you need something with "enough power" this lynx sould be something you must try.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.