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Official GB for DSD DAC Signalyst DSCv2


2017-01-24 2:07 pm
GB is closed since Pavel Pogodin shared schematic, BOM and gerbers for DSС2 v2.5.2 and v2.6.2.


This is the official group buy thread for DSD DAC Signalyst DSCv2 board, developed by Pavel Pogodin (@ppy).

There will be two versions available:
DSC 2.5.2 version for DIY community. Main features:
  • Amanero USB can be installed along the board or by the second floor (less space needed).
  • Attachable output module can be placed on the third floor or under the main board.
  • Chinese transformers, Lundahl LL 1527XL or Lundahl LL 1684 can be used at output module.
  • You can disable built-in LDO and power DAC from external power supply
  • Resistors and Inductance of any size 0603-1206 can be used.

DSC 2.6.2 version. Main features:
  • Output stage on the same PCB with DAC. Schematics the same with 2.5.2.
  • You can disable built-in LDO and power DAC from external power supply.
  • Chinese transformers or Lundahl LL 1527XL can be used.

DSC is designed to work with Amanero USB interface. A MUTE signal is required for this DAC. XMOS generates huge pop at the start.
Can be used iancanada McFIFO and twistedpearaudio Cronus reclockers (both up to DSD512 with BeagleBone Black).

Current status:
Latest info (link):
Official GB for DSD DAC Signalyst DSCv2
First DSC v2.5.2 photo
Additional DSC v2.5.2 photo for stacked configuration

Link to main thread Signalyst DSC1:
Signalyst DSC1

Link to reviewe of DSC v2.5 / 2.6:


  • 2.5.2_all_small.png
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  • 2.5.2_main_small.png
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  • 2.5.2_output_small.png
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  • 2.6.2.png
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All received orders can be viewed by the following link
I'll keep it updated.

You can find the link at first thread message too.

For all who would like to order 2.6.2 - this version only support stock Chinese transformers and LL1527XL.
Of course you can install any transformers with the same spacing between pins and rows.
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