Official DIY D/A Box (Gratuitous Homour Department)

Hey, I have an even worse idea: The Official DIY D/A box.

(This might qualify as the first official work of the A.D.H.O.C. committtee.)

First, I can argue with Harry and Cap'n Pass over using BJTs or MOSFETs in the I/V stage, as sonnya scrambles to get the right Spice models. HPotter and Elso can campaign for using AD1865s while some ne'er-do-well on the sidelines grumbles that no one can design a decent oscillator. Then the crowd from the AudioAsylum can join in, demanding that we use TDA1541s (Crowns, of course!) with no oversampling filter and a 10 ohm resistor for the I/V stage as their quorum continues to fight over which IC they want to use to amplify the signal and noise together. The boys from the "Land of Oz" are still debating which cascode form to use, but GRollins is annoyed that it uses both cascodes and current sources.

Finally, Nixxon and Ren Hock stop laughing long enough to tell us that we are all fools and that the only way to go is Crystal delta-sigma. Harry continues to fume as no one recognizes his genius for transformer design.

Things really get ugly when someone suggests that we use a CS8414 in the single-ended configuration, and connected directly to the input with a RCA jack. Jocko threatens to beat him over the head with his TDR.

Well, I have some work to do now.......the bills don't pay themselves. Hope no one is injured in the interim until I return.