Odin mk3 for center channel?

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I am currently building a pair of Seas Thor TL speakers:

Seas also makes a Odin MK3 kit:

It uses the same drivers and crossover as Thor, but in a bass-reflex configuration.

Would this work as a center channel speaker laying horizontal? I know that the MTM D'Appolito configuration is meant to be vertical, but I don't have room for a vertical center channel.

I am considering making one of these for a center, and two more of these later on for rears.

Would this work for a center?

TMT configuration

Hi, this is my first post, but I.m sure there will be more.

What about using the same drivers as Thor, but only one Mid/Bass with a tweeter on either side? This setup should have the same timbre as the Thors and avoid the problem of turning the Odin on its side.

Please, nobody assume I really know anything. My purpose here is to learn.

Didn't see it in the thread so I thought I would jump in :)

Speakers arranged in a vertical array disperse sound in a horizontal plane - or said another way they disperse in a plane perpendicular to the line created by the speaker array.

When I had space I put the mtm vertically over the screen (scanspeak solist from madisound) on a shelf and built a slight wedge tilting it directly toward the center of the room slightly down and squarely at the center of the audience - worked great.

I don't have the space on top now ( due to changing to a larger projection screen) and the mtm doesn't work quite as well from the bottom - Flawless from the top but from lower than ear level - it's ok but we're not really used to tweeters from below ear level.

Sooo. I'm thinking about building a small center with only one of the same midrange and tweeter.

No answers here - but hopefully thoughts that bring us closer to solutions.


Ken L
1. if you are using a regualr TV does not the center channel have to be shielded?

2. MTM for stereo might have to be vertical. in the center channel dispersion charateristics might prefer a narrow horzontal pattern (of a MTM places sideways) and wide vertical pattern.

I am thinking of a 2.5 way with the follow config.

1. centre tweeter

2. 2 4.5" woofer in series one on either side of teh tweeter but the baffle is 165 deg instead of 180deg. I call these the middle woofers.

3. 2 additional 4.5" woofers in series (for difraction compensation) on either side of teh earlier 2 woofers again with the baffle at a further angle (150 deg wrt to the tweeter and 165 deg. wrt to the middle woofers)

4. grill will be a sort of semi circle to cover the wide curve of the system.

The width of the speaker will be about 30", height 6" or so.

what do you guys think.
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After looking over the comments, I am thinking of just building a MT and sticking it on top of the television. (There is a shielded version of the woofers)

Seas has a Claris kit with a 17mm driver and passive radiator:

and a Trym kit with a 22mm driver

Thor uses two 18mm drivers and the same tweeter as both of the above.

Would one of these match Thor for use as a center channel?

If not, could I just use two shielded odin speakers on both sides of the television? Would that suffice as a center channel? (Odin has the same crossover as THor)

i use a regualr 29" TV and mine are less than 1" away

however my friend owns a RP TV and he uses Dynaudio all around(Dynaudio 52 series). Dynaudio does not have shielded drivers although they are partly sheilded as the coil is outside the magnet and their magnets are a bit small.

he has no trouble with the MTM center on top of teh RPTV and the 52s less than 6" away on either side. The TV is 62". The room is 78" wide. He has his HT in his dining room. Reason? no wife! :)
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