Odd loopback with Profire

Doing a loop-back test with my M-Audio Profire and TrueRTA. Rather strange interference happening. I have not seen this with any of my previous boxes.

I get ripple. Lots of it. If I do a single channel Out 1 back into the front Instrument ( center of mic) It is fine. If I have both 1 and 2 going into input 1 and 2, this is what I get. Or if I have output 1 going to both inputs 1 and 2, I get the ripple. But if I have the output 1 going to input 1, and a mic in input 2, all is very good.

With the LIMP/HOLM/SoundEasy style impedance speaker jig, this is essentially how it needs to operate.

Any ideas?


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Looks like M-Audio does not care about their customers either. At least emu told me the refused to fix their software so I how where they stand. Anyone know of a company that does? This thing also has an issue where the analog out coming form the PC distorts terribly when the analog in is even close to clipping. They should be totally separated, but it seems not.
M-Audio has reached new heights in customer support. The removed my questions from their forum unanswered.

I have a Focusrite on order.

Creative, M-Audio, GE, and BMW will never get return business from me. BMW told me that my speedo being 9 MPH high at 60 was within legal limits. Gas gauge read half when empty was "they all do that". ( two pages of defects on a new car) GE thought missing two appointments to fix a brand new out of the box appliance was my problem, not theirs and when the did show, they did not have the part I already told them they needed, so a fourth day without pay waiting for them. I continue to vote with my wallet and let everyone know. There are many good companies who do value their customers.