OB fullrange plus tapped horn?

I am going to try and match a fullrange with a tapped horn.
Already done the design on the th, waiting for payday to get the final parts, trying to decide on the solution for the fullrange.

Currently using a Hawthorne audio 15" silver iris crossed at 80hz, know it's not a fullrange, but i am going to cross the new fullrange at 80hz also.
I miss that no-filter sound.
How would a closed box with another fullrange at the back w/switched polarity behave?
There would probably be no compression in the chamber, and the radiating pattern would be like ob, but what about the bass response?

Hmmm, could dampen the higher frequencies in the chamber with an assortment of different materials, one guy i was talking to was thinking about a box like this, with perforated tubes, sand and regular stuffing to reduce the midrange and treble in the chamber,
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