OB 8" Driver

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I've got a Neo3 PDR and am looking for a 8" driver for mids.
Is the Peerless 850490 (HDS) or Seas CA21REX (H333)appropriate for OB?
These have been around a while. Maybe someone has worked with them and can comment

I'm planning on not spending too much starting on OB. I can get either of these for ~$45 each. Are there better for the same cost? Both these drivers have high sensitivity and low distorsion.

I'm looking at a 15" on the baffle for bass.

Both drivers have too low of a Qts value and should be put in an BLH or closed box. Even if they were in massive OBs (for fun I modeled the Seas CA21REX in an OB of 40 x 40 in) they will start rolling off above 100 Hz

You may have to go to a smaller woofer and a closed or vented box to make a two-way system with the Neo3 PDR. I've never used the Neo3 PDR but it looks like it should be crossed over well above 2000 Hz. At this frequency you're starting to get into the breakup area of many 8" woofers. The Peerless woofer in particular has a problem (see http://www.partsexpress.com/pdf/297-646g.pdf). Consequently you'd probably do much better considering the Seas ER18RNX (or CA18RNX or CA18RLY) or the Peerless HDS 830883. They are all 6.5 in drivers. Zaph tested these drivers here: http://www.zaphaudio.com/6.5test/.

In any case the drivers you mention may be difficult to get. The Peerless 850490 is discontinued now and the Seas CA21REX appears to be sold out/discontinued.
(Alert: newbie advise, only read it, no personal experience)

With the backcup removed and a 12db crossover the Neo3 can be crossed @2000hz.

2000hz for an 8" is pushing it a bit.
Better to use 6.5".
2000hz should be no problem and 30 degrees off axis should be ok aswell.

Asuming that 15" will be crossed around @250-300 a mid with a normal qts of .4 or .5 should be fine.
Afaik Peerless 6.5 nomex or hds would be great choices for ob mids.
I might be very wrong though.

As an alternative you could buy 2 lower priced mids in stead of 1 higher quality 8".
Normally a lower price also means higher qts.



2x 6.5" have a sd of 300, 1x 8" has 200.
An 8" would reach lower though.
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