Oaktron Full Range

Hi - I see the subject has come up before. I Googled it and found it a now defunct Company out of Monroe Wisconsin purchased by Mitek that once did Audio, PA and Automotive speakers.

Some comments said that some of their full range stuff was pretty decent.

I'm hoping so as I just purchased 4 - 8" FR drivers that are NOS. One set is coaxial , the other has a whizzer, both the aquamarine color so I'm thinking circa 70's. Supposedly 55- 20,000. I'm thinking possible open baffle. Build appears decent.

Anybody new here that knows these since last the subject came up?

I had to Google Map Monroe. A couple of years ago when I used to commute down to Dubuque, IA to play in the Symphony, I always passed this little factory that had "Loudspeakers" in the name on the sign. It was a small place (for a factory), but it looked like it was still in operation. It always intrigued me. Of course, so did the cheese factory/tasting room near by. It wasn't near Monroe, but north of Platteville somewhere. So yes, I'm OT, but just relating that little old speaker makers intrigue me.