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O2 Headphone Amplifier GB

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Hi all,

I want to host a GB for this fantastic little project - an objectively designed headphone amplifier.

You can find the discussion thread here.
You can find the designer's blog (RocketScientist aka NwAvGuy) with further juicy details and measurements here.

I will get a proper quote in due course, but I have had an estimate which will be good enough to get the ball rolling and see if there is any interest. These estimates are based on me buying 50 boards but I'm sure we can break that number! As we begin to approach a larger number, I will start getting more refined quotes.

Shall we set a GB end time of 31/08/11? The GB can be extended if it doesn't reach a big enough number by then.

1 PCB inc shipping (US): £5.22 ($8.53)
1 PCB inc shipping (UK): £4.10
1 PCB inc shipping (EU): £4.87 (€5.58)

Price Breakdown
The price includes the cost of the board, the cost of packaging materials and the cost of postage. There is a 5% buffer included in the price to cover boards which may get damaged in the post or other unforseen circumstances. If, at God's discretion, there happens to be a few pennies left over, then I will buy myself a pint with them :D

When you are ordered, please state HOW MANY you want and the REGION afterwards, so that it is nice and clear for me.

Example: "1 x (US)" or "1 x (UK)"

Current List
If you see any mistakes here (e.g. I have put you down for too few/too many boards) please let me know asap.
  1. Olli1324 - 5
Total: 5

Get signing up! :D
can I upgrade the opamps:D

Im being facetious, but I could be tempted;)

You can try but odds are the O2 will perform worse :rolleyes:

At least wait for my next op amp article and you can see the performance graphs for yourself. :)

And a big THANK YOU to Olli for tackling this project! As I said elsewhere it's something of a chicken and egg problem. Commercial vendors want to see enough demand first, but it's hard to generate lots of demand without getting some O2 amps into the wild.
Mr Rocket Scientist - it is my absolute pleasure! I hope to make fully assembled amps available shortly after the GB is finished for those outside of DIYaudio who aren't so handy with a soldering iron - assuming I can find the capital to invest in it.

As for everyone else, many thanks for your interest so far! I'll update the first post with all of your orders.

Keep 'em coming :D

Just realised I can't edit my first 2 posts, so I'll put the whole list in this one :)

Price for Australia looks like it will be approx. AU$12.50 each.

I will post updated prices closer to the end of the GB; the current prices are only guides.

Current List
  1. Olli1324 x 5
  2. fishski x 1
  3. AussieAmpBloke x 2
  4. Limp x 2
  5. agdr x 1
  6. SpaceTimeMorph x 2
  7. jerryyo x 1
  8. Fivetide x 5
  9. coacharnold x 2
  10. rtos x 2
Total: 23
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Cost of shipping to Canada, US, Australia etc is £3.50, it seems. I don't know why but for some reason I can't edit the post in which I was updating the list anymore... Nevertheless, all orders prior to this post have been noted in my spreadsheet. We are on 26 so far :)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.