Nuuk, this may interest you, as well as people wondering about TS parameters

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You know those 8" fullrange drivers from CPC that we have, the ones in your open baffles? I FINALLY FOUND THE TS PARAMETERS FOR THEM! :) :D :cool: It also has 10", 12" and 15" big brothers :att'n: which could make impressive open baffle woofers (very high Qts)

Look under the "L200W" column:

To anyone interested, this is a pretty nice sounding driver from CPC, suited to open baffle (Qts 1.01), and is only £10. I've tried them on baffles that were too small, and the amount bass was very surprising - there was almost more bass than from my dad's old mission bookshelf speakers!

Sorry for posting an entire thread, but apparently the parameters of this driver are often requested and I hope this finally clears this up for some people
Good work Bigwill!:up: It does seem that CPCl are supplying a bit more data for some of the drivers that they sell now!

Yes, I thought that 8 inch driver in the polystyrene baffles sounded very good so I would recommend it for anybody wanting to try out an open baffle wih a single driver (on a small budget).

Now, I must get my pair out and try them again! ;)
An open baffle setup with the 15" jobs as woofers and the 8" as full-rangers, perhaps with a cheap tweeter? Would this be a good time to dig out my Doobie Brothers albums on vinyl? :D
I might have to give this a whirl...

By the way, I've tried my odd little 5 1/4" full-rangers in both open baffles and 25l sealed boxes (both polystyrene) -they sound very different (as you'd expect) but astonishingly good! Definately worth checking out at the price!

Perhaps we sould start a society?!? ;)

Seriously though, I'm impressed; the least box signiture I've heard for a long while from cheap enclosures. Cutting was easy: I tried a few ways, and eventually settled on one of those cheese-wire cutters that I found in a local £1 shop and modified slightly.
The only slight hitch was discovering that polystyrene glue doesn't actually stick polystyrene to polystyrene!
Think I'll try a more... comprehensive (yes, that's the word) experiment now. That OB idea above is tempting. And cheap. I can't think of a reason not to really...

I think I'm going to try my speakers with a cheap tweeter, I have a pair of titanium dome tweeters I got from CPC which should do nicely. I think they're 89dB efficient like the fullrangers, so they should blend well if I just connect them in series with a small cap. Once I've found a cap I'll try it and report how it sounds! I have a feeling it'll sound good, and with the surprising bass of these things, and with a bit of help in the top end, they may well be an upgrade to what I have at the moment!
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