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Nutube B1K PCB populated

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Sell It with boutique components(i.e. Amtrans resistors and Panasonic caps) .Only the pcb populated Is on sale. Price 260 Eur shipped to Europe.
In case interested, i could sell it completed in chassis with dact attenuator,price on request


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The dact (the original, not the cheap eBay type)new Is 220 Eur, very expensive. I would value It 140eur. Then you Will have for free the case and the rca's ..but...i have bypassed the input selector,so actually One input One output(replaced the second input with the output see Pic.) Of course you can replace the Connections to have more inputs . See picture. I Will include the standard smps Power although in case interested i have a pardo Power supply as well.


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