Numbering of National chips


this might be a stupid question, but I searched the web and did not find an answer...

I have two LM3886 chips from different sources here, one is numbered "JM44AB LM3886TF" and the other "JM44AF LM3886TF". What does the "B" and the "F" mean? Are there any differences between the chips?




2005-08-17 3:23 pm
The manufacturer needs to communicate other info on the package markings, besides the part number.
The other markings you see are alphanumeric codes representing the week/year of manufacture, which plant made the part, and, in the case of the LM3886, whether it has straight or staggered pins.
You can safely ignore those numbers.

-First code stands for wafer fab plant:J stands for Greenock,UK
-Second code stands for assembly plant:M stands for Malacca,Malaysia
-Third and fourth numbers stand for date of manufacturing,which i still havent figure out how to read them.:D
-Fifth and sixth are die run(wafer lot) codes.

Hope this help:)