NSB, or equivalent low cost driver in Europe

Hi there,

I've been reading a lot about the very cheap NSB driver from Partsexpress and would like to purchase for some line arrays. But as the number needed are quite large shipping turns out to be far more expensive then the drivers.

Is there any web store in Europe that sells drivers of similar quality to a similar price? Where do European DIY speaker builders buy low cost drivers?

The NSB is only 0.49$, could I find equivalent quality for same or say 1-2$ per driver?


I've used something similar in price for arrays that I found down here in Costa Rica. I think they're a bit easier to work with than the NSB because they don't have a spike in response like the NSB's do at 7khz, plus they extend up above 10khz before falling off and have a slightly lower Fs at 95hz. I think they are made in the UK, so you may have better luck finding them. I paid less than $1.50ea here in Costa Rica, so they should be cheaper there. The info on the back of the little 4"er is :

Quality Electronics
20W 4ohm

I found them at an electronics supply house here.
Please let me know if you have any luck finding them because I would like to buy another 100 or so.