NP in Seattle May 20

I am arriving at the airport around 3 pm. Probably I'll get over
to Resolution around 5 or so, and I am making an allowance
until 10 pm or so.

Larry of Resolution has not yet told me his intended schedule,
but I would be surprised if it were much different.


Thank you! That helps a lot. I wouldn't want to miss your talk.

Sooo looking forward to this.
Thank you Nelson Pass for taking the time to come to our showroom in Seattle. It was an honor to meet an audio legend such as yourself. You were very sightful and your presence will be felt on our showroom for many moons. The dedication you have with the audiophile and DIY'er seems to really fuel your passion toward creating great legendary products such as the XA.5

It was also an honor to meet Blues, John and the many others who came to this evening's event. Blues, you created a very nice looking piece of audio equipment in those photos. Talking with Nelson while viewing those photos really brought out 'why' he is so dedicated toward mentoring to and learning from people such as yourself. When Nelson was asked by one of the attendees "what would you want your legacy to be best known for?" I think his general response of "this, right here" includes his influences on people such as yourself.

I hope everyone had the opportunity to listen to the XP-20 and the XA30.5. Everyone is welcome to come back for a personal demonstration of this fine work of audio art and engineering. I really appreciate everyone coming to our showroom for the event. Our store owner Larry, Mel, Robert, and myself were delighted to host such a special event. It was truly a night to remember.

I will post some photos of the event soon.

Hello Hans,

I'm sorry I didn't get to visit with you more. I enjoyed my visit with Eric and Blues and I got my transistor care package from Blues so I can continue my F5 build.

The talk was very interesting, the story of his career being very enjoyable. Thanks to Nelson for all of the articles and projects he has shared with us over the years.


Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
I just arrived home, and I want to take a moment to thank
the guys a Resolution and guests for their great hospitality.

I was wonderful to be able to put some faces to the names,
and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

Now I'm going to take a nap after a glass of Blue's merlot.

There was early morning rain but kinda cleared up with occassional sunshine by midday -probably when NP landed at SeaTac.

It was really great to finally meet the man and listen to his wisdom, history and enjoy his company and that of fellow diyers and audiophiles...nerdorama and bluewater. Larry and Hans, thank you for being great hosts!

Here are some pictures...


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You are very close Vix...

1. Papa is happy to see me...I'm 10x happier to see him (just trying to look cool on camera)
2. He is explaining to Larry I think the differences of Class A, AB, B...on the picture I'm pretty sure he's on Class B:)
3. On this one they're probably trying to agree on PL discount:D...btw Resolution Audio is offering discounts on PL until June...
Photo Record

Hi Everyone;

From all accounts everyone had a fun evening with Nelson and the staff at Resolution Audio Video Seattle!

Who's got photos of the folks and the store from the evening??? We would love to have a record of Nelsons visit... and not just shots of Mr. Pass himself.

Please send photos you're willing to share: service - at - passlabs - dot - com