NP in Seattle May 20

Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
I am arriving at the airport around 3 pm. Probably I'll get over
to Resolution around 5 or so, and I am making an allowance
until 10 pm or so.

Larry of Resolution has not yet told me his intended schedule,
but I would be surprised if it were much different.

There are plenty of great places in Ballard to eat:
- Maritime Pacific Brewing Company (Awesome Beer, Awesome Steak Sandwiches)
- Zayda Buddy's Pizza (Minnesota-style Pizza place with delicious fried cheese curds)
- Lunchbox Laboratory (Really, really sinful hamburgers.. best in Seattle, but they close at 8:00 PM)

If you venture a little further north to Crown Hill/Greenwood, you have:
- The Wingdome
- The Kabab House (great kababs/pakistani/indian food)
- Gorgeous George's (filet mignon kababs, best Hummus around)
- Luisa's Mexican Grill (Great Mexican food, and being from Arizona, that's hard to find up here)

Lots of good stuff in the area! I did a head-fi meet at Resolution Audio, and they were wonderful hosts.