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Moody moods.

Stevie Ray Vaughan from the album "Couldn't stand the weather"

"Tin pan alley"

Full blast from vinyl.
After that some Jimmy Hendrix till I drive the neighbours up the wall.:mad:
Later on some harpsichord or organ.Undecided yet,will depend on my mood.

Thank you Jan Allaerts for the perfect MC.

As far as I know you this is an MC you just have to give a try!

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

Happy listening.
i want to try out the Allaerts one day my self on my new tonearm.
Just to find out what it is about.
I am no admirer of its housing construction, does not appeal to my engineer's mind, i like the Roksan-EMT much more but nevertheless, i liked sonics of the Allaerts, just do not know which model it was.

I would like to compare the big Allaerts to my Ortofon Rohmann, my Koetsu Urushi and my trusty old Supex 1000 v.d.Hul-rebuild. Still fully alive after 13ys (no idea if the previous owner had Hul change the suspension rubber).

What i like very much: the vdHul Kolibri. Wow! What i also like very much: the Andreoli cartridges with spherical stylus. I am honestly considering to buy two cartridges from him, one with 25µm spherical stylus for pre1956 vinyl and one with a 60µm one for 78rpm shellac use. Provided i can afford them; not at the moment. Enough bragging, enough threadjacking :)

spinning at the moment, The Cream (Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce): "Hideaway".
Triggered by the guitar solo thread. :cloud9:
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Cloud 9


I can see you floating into midair already.
However,do I spot an 18er in your right hand there??

Btw,if you're interested you can always send me a mail on what you would like to know about the Allaerts MC's.
Funny you mention that,I like my MC's same way as you do,naked.
Never attempt to remove the housing of one of Jan's MC's though,you will void warranty (paranoid designer) and a leadout wire that's hardly visible to naked eye in the process.
Next time he calls I'll try to convince him to paint a nude one for you in gold wire?

Switching to Corelli now....Ahhh.