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I have read the op-amps beginner section and some of the other resources on the web. I am an Electrical Engineering junior with hobby interest in music. I currently have a vintage NAD 7155 receiver driving Polk R30 floorspeakers.

I have little experience soldering but can practice up before i build anything. I have mostly used breadboards in school so far.

I don't really want to spend cash on a kit, but am interested in schematics or plans to build a Class D amp to experience the difference.

I have scope experience, and all that EE impractical stuff like laplace.
It seems like you should start out simple, since it's a bit more to tackle trying to avoid kits (or at least a pre-made PCB).

I suggest defining the parameters for the project, what you "need" out of it- for example wattage. Then find candidates that will fulfill that (for example, Tripath). Select the chip and check the datasheet as it should have a reference circuit. Build the reference circuit then play around with the input and output stages.

Howver, it's typically easier for someone new or rusty at soldering to start with a kit or at least the professionally made PCB. That is inherantly easier to do at first than etching your own boards & soldering that, or trying to do P2P on protoboard (and may sound better too). Just because you got a kit, that doesn't mean you HAVE to build it by the book, can still substitute parts at a certain degree.
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As a recent EE grad, I'd have to recommend taking a look at the kits at http:/ I have a good bit of soldering experience but have never soldered surface mount parts until I attempted to build the AMP3 kit. I would not recommend attempting this kit unless you have a good soldering station with a few nice small conical or chisel tips. There's a great CSI soldering station you can get for $35 at I've been using that for a while and it's comparable to the Weller stations I used at school but for much less. A great buy if you intend on really get into the hobby. Anyway, Jan at 41hz makes great kits with great service. I've ordered 3 AMP3 kits so far but have only been able to complete one due to some problems winding an inductor for one kit and soldering the chip on another :eek: and he was kind enough to let me order a replacement chip and some extra wire :D. There is also a through-hole kit called AMP6 and other offerings you can find by reading through the recent threads on here. Don't be fooled by their low wattage, they play nice with most speakers and sound fantastic!
In general, you get more for your wattage out of Class T amps, being that they're 90-95% efficient, if specs are to be believed. 25W of Class T power is quite a bit, especially when paired with efficient speakers. R30's are rated for 89db/1w efficiency, so they should get pretty damn loud.
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